Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sexy Sydney

I have a deep love for my fellow blogger The Sartorialist, I had to share one of his pics from his recent trip to Australia. I found this young man  T&J chic (t-shirt and jean) not only does the fit help, but the layers and scarf top it off. Well done darling!

Kiss. Kiss.

California Girl

Life is about the journey not the destination ;) If your a so-cal local head up the coast and check out one of my fave spots in Malibu,  Moonshadows for lunch over the ocean followed by a trip to paradise cove or zuma beach. My roomate, Jera highly recommends it ;)

Miss Peeka


These unseen photos of Audrey Hepburn released by the Telegraph, capture her timeless beauty. As an icon of fashion and elegance Audrey is the perfect "Coco Chanel" woman.

xx always, 
Miss Peeka

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Fashion is trading in its peacock feathers for gasp! the earthy looking ones. Believe it or not, from runway to hipster festivals like Coachella, Indian Headress inspired fashions are popping up everywhere I turn lately. Don't get me wrong when it comes to couture and editorial this look can be absolutely breathtaking and "ah" inspiring. But, we fashionistas should know, everything in moderation. So if you plan on wearing this look try toning it down to a few feathers perhaps weave them into a few random braids or a hairpiece, lets leave the headress to the runways. To be blunt, No one likes it when you look like your trying to hard love.



Feather Head Wrap 12.99


So, I've been mia, you know how it is in the busy world of a fashionista. Excuse my tardy gals and lets get back to business ;) One Fifth Avenue is our latest addiction by author Candace Bushnell, whos collecton includes Sex and the City and Trading Up. She once again captures the glamour and the not so glamorous reality of life in the Big Apple. There is a character everyone can relate to even if your not coming from old or perhaps new money. So don't waste another second, hurry on and grab a copy!

xxo Peeka