Thursday, July 8, 2010


I would consider myself independent, modern, confident "im woman hear me roar" you get it. Then there's a side of me that gets lost in romance, chivalry, hugs, kisses, cant be w out you. This photograph or I would imagine postcard taken from postsecret blog or something of the sort, COMPLETELY sparks that little girl dreamy wedding day feeling... once again you get the idea. So, on that romantical note- i cant wait (well i can for now) to meet that person that in the simplest words "wants to travel the world with me, just to take pictures of us kissing in every city."

Though those words may not have so much importance to you, they have depth. In my personal relationships (past experiences, live & learn sort of deals) these words truly resonate with me.

I love you can be easily said- but this is what its all about.

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